We pride ourselves on quality, flavor and knowing our customer’s desires. Topper’s Rhum uses all natural flavors that are characteristic of the tropics. We blend these with our premium Caribbean rhum to create a delicate and true-to-it’s-flavor spirit with an undeniably smooth finish.


Every detail of our product is carefully considered and unprecedented. Our rhum is handmade, bottled, and packaged with precision in the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten.


Topper’s is a true sipping rhum that you can enjoy straight or over ice. It is also designed to blend perfectly in cocktails, frozen drinks, mixed with other flavors, or other drinks.

You can pour it over ice cream, and it is also a wonderful ingredient in cooking and baking.


Our rhum is packaged in beautiful colored glass bottles with swing top closures. The bottles are collectables and reusable as vases, decorative glass, table lamps, oil & vinegar bottles, salt & pepper shakers, water bottles and so much more.


We’ve entered our products in five of the most prestigious tasting competitions around the world and we have 24 medals to our credit, Winning Gold and more medals than any of our competitors in major competitions proves that Topper’s Rhum is literally “The World’s Best Tasting Rhum.”
























Topper's Caribbean

White Rhum
























Topper's Banana Vanilla Cinnamon Rhum
























Topper's Spiced Rhum

























Topper's Mocha Mama Rhum
























Topper's Coconut Rhum

























Topper's White Chocolate

Raspberry Rhum

Available in 50ml, 100ml, 750ml, 1 Liter, 50ml gift-pack and 100ml gift-pack